Art of Mohammed Anuz



1.Snow White and the Huntsman
Modeled the body for the Troll including the rocks and veins on top of it.
Modeled the raven

2.Big Miracle
Sculpted and modeled all the 3 whales in the movie.
I was also involved in the set extension modeling of the Ice.

Modeled around 10 deados faces and clothes
Modeled around 12 cars for the parking lot demolition
Was involved in the pre visualisation stage to build Franklin street in Boston
Built parts of Boston City
Modeled the ObeliskTunnel and the ObeliskGoldCross

Modeled the Tank (Collaborated with 2 of my colleagues)
Modeled the Drone and the missile
Modeled the destroyed pieces for the plane
Modeled the 2 Huge dockside Gantries(Collaborated with one of my colleagues) 
Worked on baracus body digital double
Modeled several Containers

5.Land of the Lost
Worked on the body of the Allosaurus (Alice)
Modeled the Pteranodon and the cage
Modeled the Hummer Limo (Collaborated with one of my colleagues)
Modeled the sleestak mouthModeled various other props like trees,moon,bonepile, 
Viking ship,CarpetGuy and GoldenGate for set extension

6.Personal Work
Personal work done to practice concept sculpting and rendering .